6 Benefits of Using an Explainer Video for a Fintech Company

Fintech companies have been growing a lot these past years. This results in so many fintech products available on the market, making it even harder for customers to choose the right one. 

If you run a fintech company and find it challenging to compete and grab an audience, you need to reshape your marketing strategy by doing some creative, innovative, and different strategies to gain more customers. Among all digital strategy marketing, you can consider an explainer video as one of the effective solutions.

Explainer videos are considered as the right marketing tool because it helps companies deliver their messages  effectively. By involving eye-catching animation and engaging storytelling, explainer videos can also be a fun and entertaining tool to educate customers. Many companies, including fintech, have benefited a lot from using this type of marketing strategy. 

To put it into perspective, these are six benefits of incorporating explainer videos for your fintech business.

#1. Simplify the Explanation about Your New Services     

Most people think that fintech is a complicated field that isn’t easy to understand. People would avoid fintech-related information because it looks intimidating to them. As a business owner, you need to think of an effective way to help your customers understand.

Although there’s a lot of information about finance on the internet, people won’t easily understand the message quickly, especially when it comes to technical language that sounds foreign to their ears. You should find a way to deliver your information without confusing your customers. 

A survey found that 96% of people watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and 86% of them are convinced to buy something after watching the video. So, using explainer videos is indeed essential for grabbing attention and acquiring more customers.

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As a starter,a storytelling style that involves your customers’ story. Make their problem as part of videos and answer their problem with solutions from your company’s services. Do not forget to research first, so the explainer video you make is useful for customers. You can also make it more interesting by using appealing animation, design, or colors to retain their focus while watching videos. 

Besides simplifying your explanations, explanation videos can help you to build engagement with customers and keep them sticking longer with your company. Put effort and time into it. Do not forget to pay attention to detail to get the utmost result. 

#2. Boost Your SEO Rankings

Another benefit of using explainer videos is it helps you boost your SEO rankings. Most of the time, improving your SEO ranking can be challenging as it affects the way people recognize your business from the internet. Not to mention, you have to compete with hundreds of competitors aiming to get a higher rank altogether. With explainer videos, however, you can get one step further and receive a better result. 

Besides, video content drives about 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore,you shouldn’t feel hesitant to make explainer videos. Featuring your videos on the website, sharing them on social media, or putting in your FAQs are some ways you can improve your SEO rank. That way, more customers will pay attention to your fintech company rather quickly. 

#3. Build Brand Awareness 

It’s not a secret that explainer videos help you build brand awareness. However, you have to leave a good first impression on your customers. According to a study, it takes 5 to 7 impressions before someone will remember your brand. In this case, your explainer videos will be such a great tool to start one.

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Videos are considered a quick and simple way to introduce a product or a brand. They help customers understand your company’s message easier. So, the explainer video you make should be effective yet entertaining to attract customers. 

You can also include your company’s values as a promotion to let your customers know that you’re there to help solve their problems. show that your company cares for customers and is ready to help anytime.

If your target audience starts to interest your company, it’ll get easier to promote another service that helps you improve your brand awareness. Having your brand recognized through video marketing campaigns allows you to maintain the continuity of your company in the future.

#4. Build Trust and Loyalty from Customer

If you want to make your fintech company stay on track, you need to prioritize the customer’s trust and loyalty. According to a study, an average person watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day. So, you can use an explainer video to start making effective yet enjoyable communication with customers.

Customers like to be treated nicely. You have to make sure that you give them the best services. Invest more effort and time to make the best explainer videos. You don’t need to make long videos that spend a lot of money. Instead, make short videos that are visually appealing using free tools or apps you can find freely on the internet. 

Make your videos simple but have impactful messages that make customers stay longer toward your company. Use your creativity by adding colors, animation, graphics, or other elements that help your videos look astounding. It is not easy but the trust and loyalty you get through explainer videos will make your company sustain for a long time. 

#5. Save Your Time and Cost

There are some reasons why a lot of companies prefer to use explainer videos. One of them is that explainer videos are so easy and quick to make. Mostompanies are still hesitant to incorporate a video marketing strategy because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to work on it. 


However, you can reduce your time and money while still getting the best result by making explainer videos. If you have a limited budget, there are so many free options like video editing tools and apps to help you craft the video. 

 A video marketing campaign using explainer videos is also helpful for customers. Usually, customers tend to leave websites quickly because they find nothing impressive on your page to help them stay. Most of them are bored reading your articles every here and there. By having explainer videos, you can save customer time with simple explanations but are easy to understand. 

#6. Makes Your Company More Visible Among Others

During the competition of companies that are getting challenging, being visible among other companies is such a hard job. Making explainer videos is a great solution. By using explainer videos, you can promote your company’s uniqueness, purposes, and values in a meaningful way.

With creativity and effort, you can also add some elements to the video. Unique animation, eye-catching design, and different storytelling styles will make your videos more attractive.If you have enough budget, you can hire a professional animator/graphic designer to help you to make explainer videos.If you do it successfully, you are one step ahead to look more shining than other companies.


We hope this article will motivate and inspire you to start making explainer videos. Like the explanation above, explainer videos bring so many benefits for your fintech company. Remember to pay attention to every detail when making explainer videos. By doing that, your effort, time, and budget is not wasted and you’ll get the best result from it.

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