Custom E-Commerce Website Development: Pros, Tips, and Main Features

Having an e-commerce website are essential for businesses. Even a small grocery store working offline gets more clients if it offers its products online. Nothing to say about bigger businesses that often work internationally and need to expand their services worldwide. For them, a website with a selling platform is a must.

In recent years, demand for custom e-commerce website development services increased. Why does it happen? Let’s get into detail.

  • Why E-Commerce Projects Need Customization

Previously, most sellers made do with simple and affordable options, such as becoming members of large marketplaces or being content with simple websites assembled on the basis of well-known website builders. But today, that approach just doesn’t work.

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Custom eCommerce Development

The audience of sites is becoming more sophisticated and demanding, and competition in the market is growing. If earlier your site was one of the few, and due to low competition received a fairly large share of customers, today the number of e-commerce sites is growing like mushrooms after rain. And standard solutions are no longer suitable if you want to constantly grow your clientele, use digital solutions in your management strategy, and provide the best customer service on the market. For this, custom e-commerce development products are optimally suited.

  • What Benefits Custom E-Commerce Website Development Offers

What is the essence of custom e-commerce website development? First of all, this is the selection of optimal technologies and solutions that will 100% meet your expectations and the tasks of your business. With custom development, you can get many benefits. The most significant of these will be the following:

  • Full compliance with the tasks and goals of your business. The functionality of a custom-designed website always contains exactly the features that you need.
  • Ability to integrate with other digital products that you use. Out-of-the-box products can’t always be integrated with your CRM, a custom e-commerce website provides you with that opportunity.
  • A unique and maximally user-friendly design is also an important feature of custom development. You’ve probably noticed that standard e-commerce sites based on constructors look identical and faceless, haven’t you? Due to custom development, you will create a website that will be an advertisement for your company in itself because its design is memorable and increases brand awareness.
  • Scalability is another advantage of custom development. On-shelf products cannot always be modified and upgraded, custom products will always provide such an opportunity.
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If we talk about the shortcomings, usually business owners see only one. This is an eCommerce website development cost. We should agree that the development of a custom site is more expensive but the result pays off much faster. You can see this in the example below.

  • An Example of a Good Custom E-Commerce Website Developed by RexSoft

One of the recent projects developed by RexSoft was a custom e-commerce website for the AvtoLeader company. The company is engaged in the sales of truck and car spare parts since 1996. Thus, its product titles are 110,000+. For a standard on-shelve solution, it’s almost mission impossible to add all these products to the catalog. Thus, the company owner applied for custom e-commerce website development in RexSoft having the following requirements:

  • The uniqueness of the website’s design and corporate style elements.
  • Stable operation at high loads.
  • Convenient filters for customers.
  • Integration with TechDoc catalog.

Adhering to all these needs, RexSoft’s team developed a website using the most relevant technologies and implemented such solutions as intuitive search, and Node. JS-based backend development and TechDoc database integration allowed the site to represent over 9,600 product groups on the website. 

Due to the reasonable rates that RexSoft provides for its custom development services, the total costs of this project were affordable for a client. And that is what makes custom e-commerce development the best choice for businesses.

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