Dmitry Tkachev the crypto hustler of Belarus

How to make +$15k by investing only $1,500?

With crypto of course! Dmitry Tkachev is a crypto expert, who created his crypto school before it was mainstream and is super dedicated to sharing valuable content with his +30k followers every day. This is not one of the overnight success stories people always crave for. 

The story behind 

Dmitry has gone a long way, it all started back in the days when he was only 18 years old. He calculated that if he would work on an average day job, he would have to save money for about 35 years simply to buy himself an apartment. These insights blew him away and from that day on he is always searching for the most efficient money-making tool.  

He had neither a background nor rich parents, he was just a guy who was living in a small Belarus city with a population of 16,000. Dmitry soon moved to the capital and there he started to hustle. His first job experience was selling different electronic devices, which he got from his friend, who had an online shop. He simply resold the products through different bulletin boards. The second important experience Dmitry got was while selling iPhone replicas via dropshipping. Along the way, he learned how to use Google Adwords and other useful services. Dmitry worked that way for a year, selling at least one phone a day. Not a bad income for a student. But he wouldn’t stop there, the next step was crypto.

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As he remembers now, the first time he heard about crypto was in high school. A quick reminder, back then bitcoin was $250, ETH $5, and Ltc $4 (and no, he didn’t buy bitcoin then). Years passed and he watched as bitcoin grew from $250 to $6000. His first crypto investment in 2017 was a $100, family birthday gift. Although he made $1000 from that investment, crypto wasn’t that active then, so he continued hustling in resale. 

While doing dropshipping, he accomplished his first goal, 20 y.o. he bought himself an iPhone with AirPods and went on a trip with friends, with the money he made. Still, after he finished university, he went on a day-job, as a sales consultant. Not stopping his side hustle, which was now managing giveaways on Instagram. From that side job he got his second goal done: a Racer Storm RC250. 

The life-changing decision

A year after he has to go to the army, but the day before that, he makes the decision that changed his life course. Dmitry buys Ethereum for $271. In the army, he continues low-key trading and in a year ETH goes up. Who would have thought that going to the army would be so profitable? 

He comes back from the army and starts diving deeper into crypto. Starts his blog and continues to work on a day job. As soon as he starts getting his first stable income from crypto investments, he quits his day job and goes full-time into what he enjoys – crypto. He manages his first courses with 15 students and continues to learn even more efficient ways of using crypto. 

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Crypto school

With time he sees that the knowledge he gives is interesting for many people, so he decides on starting his crypto school. Without hesitation, just showing some cases of his students: 

  • +$6,000 by simply following a piece of advice from Dmitry Tkachev’s Instagram story
  • From $29 to $750
  • From $250 to $4000
  • From $950 to $7000

More than 1500 students from over 10 countries have already changed their lives with the help of Dmitry’s programs. 

Future plans and conclusion 

Now Dmitry is traveling the world and sharing his knowledge further. As he says he has tried many different money-making tools, but crypto is the most efficient one with the best future opportunities. One should simply be willing to wait and make the right investments. 

Dmitry Tkachev has some ambitious plans about the future. Some of them include making his crypto school #1 worldwide and become one of the most recognisable personas in the crypto world. Also he is looking forward to his moving to Dubai, where the crypto hub is now. Let’s wish Dmitry luck and make sure to check his social media for some exclusive crypto content.  

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