15 Online Resources That Can Make You a Pro Essay Writer from an Amateur

Writers who lack strong talents are unable to advance. These abilities do not develop overnight and take persistence and perseverance. You must work diligently and intelligently to obtain them. Only with experience will you be able to reach the world of highly effective, in-demand writers.

Naturally, effective writing requires a firm grasp of the language you are writing or intend to write. Once you’ve mastered that command, you’ll need to learn a few tips and methods to help you stand out in the competitive world of writers. There are some exceptionally gifted writers. However, talented writers must constantly hone their craft to stay ahead of the competition and earn a living.

The following are some helpful internet resources that will help you in becoming a better writer:

  • Interactive Sites for Education: This website provides a comprehensive resource for English language arts-related issues. There are instructional, interactive games and simulations for grades K-5 on grammar, compound words, capitalisation, poetry, punctuation, phonemes and words, reading and sight words, parts of speech, writing, and rhyming. These activities are incredibly effective when used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard.
  • ReadWriteThink – Student Interactives: This page contains a wealth of interactive tools that assist students in achieving various objectives, ranging from organising their thoughts to learning about multiple parts of the English language. The Story Map, Persuasion Map, Word Family Sort, Acrostic Poems, Trading Card Generator, and Comic Creator are just a few of the most popular tools for grades K-12. You can select from a variety of tools depending on the grade level, student skills, kind of student interaction, topic, and learning purpose. In case you struggle to choose the right tool, connect with a professional offering persuasive essay help to address your concerns.
  • Graphic Organisers: Young pupils will struggle to manage all the ideas they receive if they are left alone with a sheet of paper and told to compose an essay immediately. The process necessitates pre-writing steps, where these graphic organisers come in handy. Your kids can use them to organise their thoughts and notes. The actual writing stage will thereafter be far more focused.
  • Educate Children Effectively – Language Arts: This website may not be very pleasing, but it contains an excellent collection of tools to help you become a better teacher. This is a collection of fantastic articles about writing. Each educator should devote time to investigating these materials as they go through various instructional strategies.
  • Free Writing Resources: Time4Writing.com is mostly recognised for its eight-week online writing courses. However, the website contains a wealth of free resources organised into seven categories: teaching writing, developing writing abilities, writing sentences, writing paragraphs, writing mechanics, writing essays, and standardised test writing.
  • Grammar and Writing Guide: This website consists of in-depth tutorials on all facets of English grammar and composition. The Index contains connections to all of the Guide to Grammar and Writing’s resources, as well as to Principles of Composition. This online resource is comparable to the grammar textbook you’ve always desired. Now you may use it in your lectures to make them more accessible to your pupils.
  • Teen Ink: This venerable journal promotes high-quality essays and other forms of writing made by students. The website is divided into three sections: nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. There is no requirement to subscribe to the monthly print magazine; all required is that the website is recommended as a source of inspiration. You might choose a few of the featured writings and read them aloud in class to demonstrate excellent academic content.
  • Essay Punch: Essay Punch is an interactive, online lesson for essay writing that guides students through all phases of the academic writing process. For this reason, this site is also popular among the experts offering college essay help. It provides direction through the processes of pre-writing, organising, writing, editing, and publishing through the use of pre-set writing prompts and interactive exercises.
  • Thesis Builder: This tool will be a hit with your pupils! Because they are constantly battling to create a credible thesis statement, you might recommend the Thesis Builder, an automatic engine that generates a statement based on the topic, opinions, and supporting arguments provided by users in the form. Once they have the thesis, your students can begin creating an outline without the need to use another online tool.
  • Hemingway Editor: Here, there is a law concerning big, difficult sentences: You may use them only if you understand how to utilise them. Although students in grades K-12 rarely master complicated sentence structure, they are nonetheless eager to impress you with significant words and endless discussions. When attempting to convey the value of clarity, utilise Hemingway as an example. This tool will indicate frequently occurring errors and lengthy sentences that require revision.
  • Word Counter: When you give your pupils a certain word count for a piece of writing, you want them to adhere to it. This tool will assist them in accomplishing that objective. It will ensure that their essays have the necessary number of words and assist students in locating repetitious words and phrases.
  • Citation Machine: Referencing is undoubtedly the least enjoyable aspect of any writing assignment. You cannot, however, disregard all of those subtleties and citation rules. This tool generates citations in the Chicago, Turabian, APA, and MLA styles instantly. After supplying the relevant settings, pupils automatically receive a correctly prepared reference.
  • The Readability Test Tool: This tool evaluates a piece of writing’s readability using a collection of regularly used indicators. You might propose it to your students as an editing tool to assist them in improving the readability of their work before submitting it to you. 
  • EssayMama’s Essay Writing Guide: The writing guide is ideal for amateur writers and students. This site’s user group comprises individuals just beginning their writing careers and are most likely looking for some essential information on the English language and writing. With EssayMama’s Essay Writing Guide, you can expect to learn a wealth of information and suggestions aimed at helping you improve your grammar and writing skills. You’ll receive practical tips that will help you improve your writing in structural and grammatical terms. Although the advice is geared at essays, you may apply it to any other type of writing, and it will still work wonders.
  • Grammar Monster: You may anticipate superb grammatical courses from the name alone. The grammar lessons on this website are split into manageable portions to assist individuals in digesting the knowledge. Even if you are an expert in your field, you may use this website to assess your abilities and determine whether you are on the correct route. Additionally, the resource provides users with an opportunity to refresh themselves on any notions that may have escaped their minds. The best feature of this online resource is that it is entirely free and accessible to both adults and children. So, you can also recommend this site to your pupil to facilitate their learning affair.
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Wrapping Up

The importance of English grammar in essay writing will fall short of words. While the above online resources can help, you shouldn’t forget that only through practice an individual can enhance his/her English skills.

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